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Who: Aaron & Open
Where: Outside, in the center of Deepwood
What: Smoking and crafting
When: The week of the 21st to the 29th -- about once a day, he can be found working on the bracelet, and every couple of days, he can be found smoking.
Warnings: Recreational drug use in prompt A; terrible pining in prompt B; other than that, whatever you bring with you. Going to request that underage characters stick to prompt B.

[A:] cw: recreational drugs )

[B:] cw: recreational pining )
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In case his username didn't give it away, Aaron Strider has used, sold, and grown pipe-weed, but the fun kind marijuana before, and he'll be doing it in Arda Marred because the mods are enablers. All posts in which it's mentioned will be under a cw: recreational drugs cut, and all comments with it mentioned in it will have the same warning in the subject line.

If you'd rather not have it mentioned to you, post here or send me a PM. This is meant to be light and comedic but handled realistically, and the last thing I want is to make anyone uncomfortable. If it comes up in a thread we're doing and you don't want it to, don't hesitate to contact me, on plurk or via PM or a comment to the journal.

Thanks! ♥



Backtagging: Absolutely.
Threadhopping: Ask first!
Fourthwalling: Ask first!
Offensive subjects: None, I can handle just about anything.


Hugging this character: Sure. He might be surprised, but unless he dislikes you, it won't be weird.
Kissing this character: Also sure, but he'll be VERY surprised.
Flirting with this character: GO FOR IT.
Fighting with this character: SURE. A physical fight we'll probably have to discuss, but I'm completely down. Verbal fights are also encouraged. ♥
Injuring this character: Minor injuries are completely fine! Anything more severe, discuss with me first.
Killing this character: Let's talk about it.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it! I like playing with that kind of thing.
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Name: Krystal
Preferred Pronoun: She
Contact: [plurk.com profile] spartabitch

Name: Aaron Strider (also known as Nathan Camlost, and Doctor Strungout, and Nerd)
Canon: The Lord of the Rings, Middle-earth
AU: Modern AU with a good chunk of Echoes from Save the Earth

Pull-point: A few hours after he returns to Earth after going to space and resolving the conflict with the Enemy -- the Enemy being the boy

Age: 37

Gender/Sex: Man/male/clearly so

Appearance: 6'6", blue eyes, dark hair. Identically resembles Aragorn in the face but with shorter hair and clean-shaven (when he can be). He's often reserved, quiet, and often comes off as kind of creepy when something important is going on; his eyes are piercing and clear and don't help this one bit. However, he's been more open and friendly in Deepwood, because he recognizes that cooperation is necessary, and he's met a lot of people he likes. He dresses plainly and favors long coats in winter.
photo as requested, but with darker hair.
bonus 1 bonus 2 bonus 3

in-depth history can be found here.
Short version is that Aaron is a doctor who promised time to the military in exchange for scholarships, served on the front lines in Iraq, wandered the Middle East for a while, then came to a city in New Jersey to open a tiny, struggling charity clinic in the bad part of town. It was touch and go, and he did deal pipeweed on occasion to help cover supply costs, but it was satisfying work.

And then in 2013, aliens invaded the Earth. It was a whole thing. In response, Aaron began to regain memories of his past life as Aragorn, along with abilities and items that Aragorn had possessed. These echoes of a past life came and went, sometimes unpredictably. In December 2013, Aaron lost his echoes seemingly for good until January 2015, when they returned. The world had changed; the alien invasion and superpowered humans had gone public, the Lonely Mountain was in Las Vegas, and his best friend had turned into a bird the size of a horse.

Worse, the police shut down his clinic in April. Fortunately, Aaron had echoed back Aragorn's appearance, and between that and an un-subtle evil twin, he managed to avoid police capture until the full invasion in May. Aaron helped fight off the aliens with a ghost army, got some sweet duds, and went into space to fight the Big Bad with the power of love.

Born 1978
Graduated HS in 1996
Finished undergrad 1998
Finished medschool 2002
Four years of active duty until 2006, stationed in Saudi Arabia and deployed into Iraq for six-month periods
Inactive duty/residency 2010
Began the clinic in Locke 2010
Aliens invade April 2013
Echo loss December 2013
Echoes regained January 2015
Alien invasion end of April-beginning of May 2015

In-depth personality here. Aaron is a very good man who comes off as a very bad man. He's reserved and a bit grim, he prefers to listen than to speak, and he'll watch you from under a hoodie in an IHOP. He gets shit done and spares few words for frivolity -- except for when he does. Underneath the serious-business is wry humor and a deep love of poetry and history. Aaron can be a real windbag if you let him get going and he thinks you'd like to listen; he has so many stories to tell. Underneath that is a heart of gold that's only a little rough around the edges: Aaron Strider is one of the most standup guys you will ever meet, and he'll go to the ends of the earth for you if he thinks you need it and ask for nothing in return. Nothing triggery or noteworthy here, though he's had an on-and-off smoking addiction and, as mentioned before, has both sold weed and used it himself. He's kind of a hippie, deep down: he's just as intelligent and brave as Aragorn, but he seeks nonviolent solutions when he can. Willing to fight, good at it, but not happy to. Also, his BFF is a bird the size of a goddamn horse in case that triggers you idk.

Abilities: Complete list here.
-Modern training as a general practitioner as well as a combat medic
-The ability to move with silence and stealth, especially in terrain he knows well.
-The ability to read, write, and speak the Elvish languages he knew (Sindarin very fluently, Quenya less knowledgeably). He can also speak to animals and has good instincts for them, but he cannot understand them as well as an Elf does.
-Swordfighting skills that are literally the best of Aragorn's age
-Herblore, healing knowledge, and healing prayers/songs
-By putting an ear to the ground, Aaron can hear what's going on around him for miles, as it creates vibrations in the ground. Footsteps, subways, cars, anything striking the ground, he will hear.
-Mad hax tracking skills. No really.
-Dunadan physiology: sharp senses, superhuman endurance, an extended lifespan, and the ability to die on command
-The ability to freestyle like a baller, making up songs on the spot because he can
-Skill with disguises, accents, and acting

When brought over, Aaron had on him:
-The feathercrown
-The ring of Barahir
-The totally bitchin' set of armor he wore to the Black Gate
-The bracers he jacked from Boromir's dead body lol whoops
-Cuttings of athelas
-First aid/medical supplies, in small amounts
-NOT the star of the Dunedain, he gave that to a very special somebirdie
-The Lorien-cloak
-Possibly the standard of the Heirs of Elendil that Arwen made, idk yet
-A handgun
-NOT WEED why would he bring weed with him to space, jesus weed. because reasons. it's marijuana. cannabis. specifically, mids. for getting stoned.
-Spider-silk from the Grand Elusa, non-adhesive, strong. Some glows, some does not.
-Stores of food, preserved, kept in the Dwarven-halls
-Stores of healing herbs, gathered from the forest

Anything else: Seriously, check this post. It's a comprehensive list of everything having to do with Aragorn that Aaron has regained/remembered.
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Please specify whether it's text, voice or video and the date your message is left!


"Aaron Strider. Leave a message."


"LSR Clinic. Hours are 8AM-10PM weekdays, 10AM-10PM Saturday and Sunday. If this is an emergency, hang up and call 911, or XXX-272-4076. Otherwise, leave your number and a message and your call will be returned tomorrow."

AS OF 2-28-2015, the only way to contact Aaron is through the Network.

NETWORK NUMBER: 43254644263
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Name: Dr. Aaron Strider
Past life: Aragorn II Elessar Telcontar
Age: 35 36 37
Appearance: 6'2", brown hair, gray-blue eyes. 6'6", long black hair, Ranger scruff, light scars. Lanky, dressed in layers of worn old clothes. The only thing that keeps him from looking homeless is the fact that he keeps clean. He looks a little more homeless in the face and hair now, but Aaron is dressing better since the clinic closed. He's got a creepy air about him, and his eyes are sharper than you'd expect. More detail here.
Occupation: Formerly a medic in the U.S. Army, now runs formerly ran a sketchy clinic near the Dead District, is now officially homeless and primarily occupied with fighting aliens.  He goes by Nathan Camlost, thanks to being wanted by the police.
Full application: HERE

-In the Dead District
-Brick building, in good repair structurally but very run-down-looking: heavy metal doors, cinderblock interior walls, barred windows
-The sign out front only has three legible letters: L S R, hence the name
-It's furnished sparsely, with only a few metal chairs and a low cot or two in the waiting room

Empty, abandoned, dark.

1st: ITEM | A potted athelas plant
---canon recurrance: treating an injured, infected shoulder
2nd: ITEM | The athelas plant regains its virtues
---plot: touching the snake statue in the Dead District
3rd: MENTAL | memory of the Lay of Leithian
---canon recurrance: Yuuya's offer to compose an epic poem of his battle with the Vermini
4th: MENTAL | The ability to move with silence and stealth, especially in terrain he knows well.
---canon recurrance: an offer to guide Jack to a place of safety by using his knowledge of the terrain to keep them from being spotted = guiding the Hobbits to Rivendell.
5th: ITEM | A copy of Gandalf's letter to Frodo, left with Butterbur in Bree
---canon recurrance: attempting to scare Merlin into being more cautious with his trust, then denying the terrible what-if scenario with logic reminds him of his first meeting with Frodo & company in Bree.
6th: MENTAL | The ability to read, write, and speak the Elvish languages he knew.
---canon recurrance: Playing a Ranger in D&D.
7th: PHYSICAL | The first part of his fighting skills! He'll be a moderately good fighter, above average but nothing special.
---plot: Participation in the gloriously ill-advised werewolf hunt.
8th: ITEM | Half of Narsil. Specifically, the pointy end.
---plot: Hanging out in the museum gallery with a bunch of tacky statues.
9th: MENTAL | A memory-dream of the end of his battle with the corsairs of Umbar, beginning with the end of the sea-battle and ending with the death of the corsairs' lord at Aragorn's hands.
---plot: Being haunted by the dead dog police, which incidentally is the name of my metal band.
10th: ITEM | The palantir from Orthanc. It's a useless piece of glass.
---plot: Posting to the "Let's Negotiate" forum.
11th: MENTAL | The knowledge that the poem in the letter was written for him by Bilbo Baggins, a short curly-haired man that he feels fondly towards.
---canon recurrence: Julien composing poetry about him.
12th + 13th: MENTAL | The memories of his two journeys in Moria, from his entry into the Mines to coming out into open air.
---canon recurrence and plot: Speaking with the Sage + the collapse of the mine entrance.
14th: ITEM | The hilt half of Narsil.
---plot: Fighting the Vermedi.
15th: MENTAL | Herblore, healing knowledge, and completely useless healing prayers.
---plot: Vermini attack on the clinic.
16th: ITEM | the silver, six-pointed star-shaped cloak pin that's the symbol of the Rangers of the North
---plot: drinking the city's laced water supply
17th: PHYSICAL | part 2/3 of his swordfighting ability. Not the best in the world, but very skilled and very dangerous.
---plot: Seeing the pink lights
18th: ABILITY | By putting an ear to the ground, Aaron can hear what's going on around him for miles, as it creates vibrations in the ground. Footsteps, subways, cars, anything striking the ground, he will hear.
---plot: Going to Tuning Towers (TIER 2 | SEPTEMBER)
19th: ABILILTY | Mad hax tracking skills.
---plot: Investigating the sewers (TIER 2 | NOVEMBER)
20th: MEMORY | The journey through the Paths of the Dead, from going through the door at Dunharrow to speaking with the ghosts at Erech
---canon recurrence: being underground and seeing Danny go through a wall like a ghost
21st: ABILITY | His swordfighting skill is at his canon level: he's the best swordfighter alive in Middle-Earth during the books.
---plot: Going into the sewers with Cinderella and encountering snake statues.
22nd: ITEM | Ranger clothes + Lorien cloak, which has all of its canon powers
---plot: Blood Keys attacking the clinic (TIER 2 | DECEMBER)
23rd: MENTAL | Memory of the day Boromir died, from the boats landing on the shore to sending Boromir's body over the waterfall.
---canon recurrence: Killian's mom dying in his care, after being injured in a fight he wasn't there for, after he's made a whole host of other mistakes
24th: MENTAL | Memory of tracking Gollum that one last time pre-FOTR, from right before he follows Gollum into Shelob's cave until he emerges again in the light of day with the wretched creature in hand.
---canon recurrence: Tracking Opal the cat, a difficult creature to follow, into the underground subway and encountering monsters.
25th: ITEM | The palantir regains its powers
---canon recurrence: writing his number on a paperweight in dry-erase pen for lulz during the 4th wall event
26th: MENTAL + ITEM | The ring of Barahir and a vague understanding of its significance as a token of friendship between Elves and Men
---canon recurrence: Giving someone he cares about jewelry in a way that is significant and meant to bridge a gap between two peoples during the 4th wall event (TIER 2 | JANUARY)
27th: MENTAL | A memory of a hella baller Mirkwood party
---canon recurrence: Seeing Legolas with his pointy ears for the first time
28th: MENTAL | That disastrous attempt to climb Caradhras
---canon recurrence: Doctor Strider is climbing a mountain. Why is he climbing a mountain?
29th: MENTAL | A brief memory of the end of the battle at the Black Gate, when the Eagles come
---canon recurrence: seeing a bird large enough to ride
30th: PHYSICAL | Numenorean physiology
---plot: Using the teleporter for the first time
31st: MENTAL | memory of Glorfindel's part of the flight to the Ford
---canon recurrence: meeting Gabriel
32nd: MENTAL | Memory of the night on Weathertop
---canon recurrence: telling Liam the story of Beren and Luthien to keep him calm in a scary situation
33rd: PHYSICAL/ABILITY | Aragorn's appearance and the lifespan side of Numenorean physiology: slow aging + dying on command
---plot: encountering Torin's double (TIER 2 | FEBRUARY)
34th: MENTAL | Knowledge of every single name Aragorn has ever been called
---canon recurrence: the bad press and name-calling that happens around the clinic closing
35th: CREATURE/ABILITY | Brego the wonder horse + the ability to use Elvish to speak to animals
---plot: encountering a wolpertinger while on holiday with Liam (TIER 2 | MARCH)
36th: PHYSICAL/ABILITY | The perks of being Numenorean: enhanced senses and stamina. Better than a human, less so than an Elf.
---plot: Seeing the Tokyo lights
37th: CREATURE | 100 ghosts of oathbreakers
---plot: touching the gross subway hair in London
38th: MENTAL | the ability to freestyle make up songs on the spot like he did at Boromir's funeral
---plot: seeing London lights
39th: MENTAL/MEMORY | Gilraen's funeral
---canon recurrence: his mother's suicide
40th: ABILITY/ITEM | Anduril, and with it, the ability to command the ghosts
---canon recurrence: yelling at ghosts to get them in line
41st: ABILITY | Fear-inducing powers for the ghosts
---plot: Brazil lights
42nd: ABILITY | The ghosts can now affect physical things!
---canon recurrence: Leading an army of ghosts into battle.
43rd: MENTAL | The memory of Legolas being a shit about his elf sight
---canon recurrence: Liam being a shit about his elf sight.
44th: MENTAL/ABILITY | Aragorn's skill with disguises and memories of using them in Harad against a Dark Lord
---plot: The moon lights. (TIER 2 | MAY)
45th: ITEM | The standard of the heirs of Elendil
---canon recurrence: taking a ghost road to a battle and being 15 minutes late to it
45th: ITEM | the bracers he stole from Boromir's dead body
---canon recurrence: a similarly irritating individual (his double) makes a similarly irritating last stand
46th: ITEM | this swagtastic outfit
---canon recurrence: winning a battle temporarily and then taking it on the offensive by going to the Enemy's stronghold. It's just in space this time.
47th: ITEM | the feathercrown
---canon recurrence: succeeding against an enemy against impossible odds after a last stand and with the places he tried to protect slightly damaged but rebuildable
48th: MEMORY | Helm's Deep
---canon recurrence: pep talk before a hopeless battle

If you have any questions/comments, please put them here! Anonymous posting is on, IP logging is off. Thanks!
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OOC Information:
Name: Krystal
Are you over 15? Yes.
Contact: PM this journal or shoot me a private plurk.

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